Annual Checkups

Let’s talk about annual check ups for your pet: what and why.

Checkups for puppies and kittens are a no-brainer – checking for any physical issues like hernias, undescended testicles, and general conformation, as well as screening for intestinal parasites and getting those all-important vaccinations.

As your pet grows up, there are other things to consider.  Not only booster vaccinations, but also elective, but important, surgeries to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens, and yearly tests such as fecal exams and blood tests to rule out heartworm and tick-borne disease exposure.

As your pet ages, other tests may be recommended, depending on their age and physical condition.  REMEMBER, your pet is aging faster than you are.  A yearly checkup for your pet equates to you visiting your doctor once every seven years!

A yearly checkup, even if your pet seems healthy to you, can help you and your veterinarian keep your pet as a happy, healthy companion for you and your family.

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