If your pet is having an emergency, call the hospital to make them aware you are on the way and a brief description of what is happening. If you are having an emergency after hours, Dr. Worner's emergency number is 419-982-2098. THIS NUMBER IS FOR AFTER HOUR EMERGENCIES ONLY.

Emergency symptoms include:

Excessive bleeding

Problems standing



Loss of consciousness

Weak pulse

Rapid pulse

Rapid breathing

Difficulty breathing

Pale gums

Swollen abdomen

If your pet experiences one of the following, maintain careful watch of them and contact the office if negative changes in their behavior occurs: 

insect bites or stings


an accident

a fall or failed jump

potential poisoning

sudden drastic change in bathroom habits

Your pet should be closely monitored if any of these events occur. If severe negative changes are observed, please contact the Worner Veterinary Hospital office emergency line.