Pet Allergies

As the weather warms, grass grows, plants start blossoming, and some pets start itching.

Allergies can be year-round, and animals can react to many different things, just like people. Pet allergies are generally reflected in their skin, rather than causing sneezing and watery eyes.

How to treat?  That depends on the causative agent, to some extent.  Your veterinarian can help walk you through the diagnostic and treatment process. Rinsing off tummies and paws after a pet has played in grassy areas may help reduce allergens that cause your pet to itch.  In some cases, Benadryl may help to reduce itching, but check with your veterinarian first.

Food allergies are a whole different “animal”, and require strict diets and monitoring to help control.

In short, allergies present in varying degrees, length of duration, and stem from, and respond to varying treatments.  Your veterinary staff can help.

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