Specialty Care Services

Surgical services

From routine spay and neuter surgeries to emergency and explorative procedures, your pet will be well cared for. There is a series of pre-operation testing and post care provided for your pet. Before surgery, a member of your pet’s care team will go over surgery preparation with you.

For details about a specific surgery, please consult Dr. Worner or your technician during your visit.

Therapeutic Laser

Therapeutic Laser technology allows us to preform non-evasive procedures on your pet. The laser procedure is a surgery free option to healing many chronic and acute conditions. Pets suffering from skin lesions, allergies, sprains or strains, mild joint discomfort, and various lacerations are great candidates for laser intervention. Consult Dr. Worner if you think your pet is experiencing a condition that could benefit from a therapeutic laser treatment.

Orthopedic Manipulation

Orthopedic Manipulation is a more in depth look of your pet and it’s health. Pets who have been seen favoring a joint or extremity may be suffering from an underlying internal disruption. In these appointments, your pet will be examined further through physical testing, x-rays, and blood work.

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