Spring is Here, and so is Allergy Season

Pets can be affected by allergies just like humans! Sneezing, scratching, and head shaking are some of the most common tell tale signs your pet might be feeling the effect of the spring time weather.

Pets who spend time outdoors are more common than prominently indoor pets to show signs of seasonal sensitivities. Grass and pollen allergies tend to show up in early spring and seem to be one of the most frequently seen. Don’t worry, your pet doesn’t have to suffer.

Keeping grass and brush trimmed in areas your pet may go can help limit exposure to their allergy irritants. Wiping down their paws and faces, as well as using soothing shampoos and conditioners can help manage skin irritation.  Pets who suffer from more severe seasonal allergy disorder can be prescribed antihistamines or receive an allergy shot to help combat their symptoms.

Pets who are seen shaking their head or digging at their ears may need further medical intervention. Especially dogs, when their ears aren’t feeling quite right, reoccurring head shaking and ear flipping is their way of telling you. Allergies can be the start of a stubborn ear infection or ear mites. Both of these conditions should be handled by veterinary professionals.

Before making a decision about what is best for your pet, you should consult your veterinarian. Treatment varies pet by pet, and you want what is best for the allergies your furry friend is experiencing!

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